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Flash EPROM: S29GL064N90TFI04 - 8MB, 16Bit, DS1052E dump[1]
Sample RAM: IS61LPS25636A-200 - 256Kx36, 200MHz @ 250MHz
Config FRAM: FM24CL04B - 4kb non volatile ferroelectric memory, DS1052E dumps[2][3]
A/D Converter
5x AD9288-40 - 8-Bit, 40MHz MSPS Dual A/D Converter @100MHz
A/D Driver
LMH6552 or LMH6553[4]?
A/D references
Multiplexed DAC
Programmable Logic
FPGA: Altera Cyclone III EP3C5F256C8N
CPLD: Lattice Mach XO LCMX0256C-3TN100C
Logic analyzer driver
National Semi DS90LV047A[5][6][7]


Firmware size
4 MB
Reset vector
0xFFA0 8000
Build with
VirtualDSP 4.x
Operating System
Written from scratch without a OS(?)

Boot loader

Command interface