Firmware Upgrade

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Blocks in file

This is for 2.5 of DS1000E.

File Mem Size Flags
0x1f 0xff800060 0x4 IGNORE
0x2d 0xffa08000 0x98 0x0
0xcf 0xffa08000 0x2 INIT
0xdb 0xff800060 0x4 IGNORE
0xe9 0x4 0xfffe 0x0
0x100f1 0x10002 0xfffe 0x0
0x200f9 0x20000 0xfffe 0x0
0x30101 0x2fffe 0xfffe 0x0
0x40109 0x3fffc 0xfffe 0x0
0x50111 0x4fffa 0xfffe 0x0
0x60119 0x5fff8 0xfffe 0x0
0x70121 0x6fff6 0xfffe 0x0
0x80129 0x7fff4 0xfffe 0x0
0x90131 0x8fff2 0xfffe 0x0
0xa0139 0x9fff0 0xfffe 0x0
0xb0141 0xaffee 0xfffe 0x0
0xc0149 0xbffec 0xfffe 0x0
0xd0151 0xcffea 0xfffe 0x0
0xe0159 0xdffe8 0xfffe 0x0
0xf0161 0xeffe6 0x2b2 0x0
0xf041d 0x19e000 0x192 0x0
0xf05b9 0x608800 0xfffe 0x0
0x1005c1 0x6187fe 0xe920 0x0
0x10eeeb 0x680000 0xfffe 0x0
0x11eef3 0x68fffe 0x4cae 0x0
0x123bab 0x6c0000 0x4 0x0
0x123bb9 0x6c0008 0xd6 0x0
0x123c99 0x6c00de 0x10 ZEROFILL
0x123cb3 0x40000000 0x0 0x82c3